1. Saft Seanergy® energy storage systems are now approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority

    Saft Seanergy® energy storage systems are now approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority

    Paris, October 19, 2016 – Saft has obtained approval of its Seanergy® marine energy storage system by the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) for use in a variety of hybrid and fully electric propulsion applications. Saft is the only manufacturer of marine lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries to use the Li-ion Super-Phosphate® (SLFP) chemistry which offers the highest levels of safety, performance and reliability. The approval process was based on simulated thermal runaway tests carried out on the Seanergy® systems by an independent laboratory in August 2016. During the propagation test 1, a cell was forced into a thermal runaway situation by a specific device inserted inside the cell. The test was performed three times. Thanks to the Super-phosphate® chemistry, the batteries passed the test on each occasion with no uncontrolled event, no fire and no explosion, with nearby cells remaining in a safe condition and no propagation to neighboring modules and without any active means of fire suppression.

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    1. The NMA approval is a major step for Saft Marine systems, it is a key recognition of our Li-ion Super-Phosphate® (SLFP) chemistry, which offers a very high level of safety
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