1. Amber Kinetics & Hawaiian Electric to Test Flywheel Energy Storage

    Amber Kinetics & Hawaiian Electric to Test Flywheel Energy Storage

    Amber Kinetics and Hawaiian Electric Company have agreed to conduct a joint energy storage pilot project to test the capability of a flywheel system. Amber Kinetics will build and install an Amber Gen2 Model 25 steel flywheel system, the first commercially available four-hour duration flywheel, at Hawaiian Electric’s Campbell Industrial Park generating station on O‘ahu, where the utility will evaluate its operation. Amber’s innovative steel flywheel is a multi-hour energy storage system capable of charging and discharging electricity for multiple duty cycles per day. A flywheel is a rotating mechanical device that is used to store and release energy. The storage system can provide renewable firming and peak energy shifting, flexible capacity, and ancillary services like voltage smoothing and frequency response for reliable utility operation.

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    1. Hawaiian Electric Company is a leader among U.S. utilities for adopting and integrating renewable energy to create a sustainable energy future. Now it is continuing that leadership by exploring the potential of flywheel energy storage.
    2. Energy storage is essential to reach a 100 percent renewable energy future, optimizing the use of Hawai'i's abundant but variable solar and wind energy.
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