1. German Energy Storage Company Fires up Energy Revolution

    German Energy Storage Company Fires up Energy Revolution

    A smart, entrepreneurial Germany battery company is taking on its country’s electric utilities as it carves out a new business model for itself amid a fast-changing energy marketplace. Sonnen, based in Bavaria, aims to bring its disruptive vision of the future of electric power to America in a few years. Just two weeks ago, it started providing an unprecedented blend of energy storage, energy management capabilities along with free electricity to 2,000 customers across Germany, from Hamburg to Munich, Christoph Ostermann, co-founder and CEO of Sonnen, Thursday told the Energy Times in an exclusive interview.

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    1. The remaining power which a customer needs to buy from the grid he gets from us for free, so he is not paying money anymore to his utility.
    2. We just give them the power for free.
    3. It is a third Industrial Revolution based on a platform that is distributed, open, collaborative, transparent, and laterally-scaled.
    4. This is the critical mass we need in order to be able to attend the demand response markets and it is also where energy services start slowly to make sense.
    5. This is by far not enough but we can start interesting service and utility business models like this.
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