1. San Francisco Approves Green Roof Mandate

    San Francisco Approves Green Roof Mandate

    San Francisco has become the first city in the U.S. to approve such an obligation, which requires all new construction projects to have 30% of their roof space set aside for green roofs and/or solar panels, while one of the Californian city’s most iconic buildings also gets a solar makeover. Often considered the most progressive city in the U.S., San Francisco is continuing to pioneer environmentalist policy with its new green roof requirement. The scheme goes hand in hand with the drive for solar rooftops in the city, and was announced in the same week that one of the city’s famous “Painted Ladies” homes had a solar array installed on its roof.

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    1. Rooftops are one of the last untapped environmental resources in our growing city, and we need to be strategic about how we activate these spaces.
    2. We're proud to help such a unique and iconic property in our hometown of San Francisco to go solar and start saving money.
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