1. Massachusetts to Offer $10-$20M in Energy Storage Grants this Fall

    Massachusetts to Offer $10-$20M in Energy Storage Grants this Fall

    Massachusetts plans to offer $10-$20 million in energy storage grants this fall, as it positions for a paradigm shift in the economics of electricity. State officials described the upcoming solicitation in a call Friday with the media, with release of a new report, “State of Charge,” which calls for Massachusetts to add 600 MW of energy storage by 2025. The New England state is jumping on what industry analysts see as a major opportunity in the power industry. Today’s better and cheaper batteries open a path to correct one of the industry’s biggest economic hurdles: an inability to store its product for later use.

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    1. Once you can get significant storage deployed across your grid that paradigm changes.
    2. Private investors will simply not invest in building storage projects in Massachusetts without a means to be monetarily compensated for the value the storage resource provides to the system.
    3. Given some of the parties that are interested, I imagine a lot of these projects will be large dollar projects. So it may well be that the $10 million will just be a starting point. But we'll need to assess that as the proposals come in.
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