1. Kilowatt, Kilowatt-Hours Unite

    Kilowatt, Kilowatt-Hours Unite

    The Energy Storage Association (ESA) was holding its annual event this year in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S., and I was feeling the need to catch up with innovations in battery storage. I discovered the ESA is a great gathering place for technologists, startups, mature vendors, utilities and university types — a mosh pit of those who drive the energy storage future. Black & Veatch hosted an awesome evening reception at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and I had the good fortune of running into my friend Bill Muston. Bill is the technologist at Oncor who toured me about the Oncor microgrid located at their general services headquarters facility a bit outside of Dallas, Texas, U.S. Check out the article in the April 2016 issue of T&D World that provides details of this microgrid, including the installation of photovoltaic panels, Tesla storage batteries and a Capstone turbine.

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