1. 5 Surprising States Where Commercial Energy Storage Works Today

    5 Surprising States Where Commercial Energy Storage Works Today

    It’s easy to focus on states where the burgeoning commercial energy storage markets are already thriving. “Everyone knows California and New York are ripe,” said Ravi Manghani, GTM Research’s director of energy storage. But there are some sleeper states where the economics already work, even though rates of adoption are low. A new report from GTM Research, The Economics of Commercial Energy Storage in the U.S, outlines the states where demand charges at the largest utility in each state would create a favorable rate of return for commercial energy storage. Even if the numbers pencil out, however, there can be other factors that help or hinder behind-the-meter energy storage, from fire codes to utility regulation.

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    1. Everyone knows California and New York are ripe.
    2. You might expect the only kind of storage in Kentucky would be for bourbon.
    3. Of all the states in this quintet, Massachusetts is furthest along on storage deployments and policy support.
    4. Though energy storage is not specifically mentioned in the docket, given similar proceedings in states like Massachusetts and New York, GTM Research expects energy storage to be a component of New Hampshire's future grid modernization plan.
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