1. SunPower Wins Large Majority of France's Solar+Storage Island Tender

    SunPower Wins Large Majority of France's Solar+Storage Island Tender

    SunPower has been busy in various areas of the solar landscape of late, most recently with the award of 76% of the French government’s tender for solar and energy storage technology in France’s non-interconnected zones (ZNI). It will be delivered across numerous projects, as the French government looks to find a sustainable solution for island electrical systems. The country’s Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy announced the tender last year, with the goal of “deploying solar energy which is particularly adapted to island electrical systems.” Energy storage was included in the proposal from the start, to manage fluctuating weather and to have flexible systems that can manage electricity consumption when demand is high.

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    1. SunPower applauds the French government for promoting solar power development in the ZNI, and its forward-thinking approach to integrating battery storage with these projects to provide a more resilient, reliable and sustainable utility grid infrastructure.
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