1. 1.3 GW Of New Energy Storage = White House Goal

    1.3 GW Of New Energy Storage = White House Goal

    The White House recently announced that a number of federal actions and commitments from the private sector could result in 1.3 GW of new energy storage installations or procurements over the next five years. It also said that — with all the potential procurements, deployments, and private sector activity — it could be possible the total value reached might be $1 billion in energy storage investments. If the White House’s vision is achieved and 1.3 GW is added to current energy storage capacity in the US, there will have been quite a surge in the rate of installations. In the first quarter of 2016, about 18.3 MW was installed, so if that amount remains steady for each quarter, the annual total will be around 72 MW. The White House’s target, if achieved, would mean about 260 MW would be installed each year for 5 years, in addition to the amount from the other sources.

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