1. ABB Supplies Control System for World's First Portable Hybrid Microgrid

    ABB Supplies Control System for World's First Portable Hybrid Microgrid

    A pilot system, consisting of 141 kilowatt peak (kWp) of solar PV, was successfully deployed at a construction worker village in remote Queensland, Australia. Within one week of leaving the factory, 1,000km from the village, the system was unpacked and energized, augmenting four brownfield diesel generators and reducing diesel fuel consumption thereafter. After six months of operation, during which ABB’s cloud-based remote monitoring was used, the pilot system was packed up in less than 170 person-hours and successfully relocated. Hybrid microgrid power systems benefit customers in off-grid areas by reducing their dependence on diesel/gas generators, which are expensive to maintain and operate on fuel that must be transported to the site and is subject to volatile pricing. By contrast, solar PV and wind generation are already cheaper than diesel/gas in some off-grid locations and, when complemented with backup or storage technologies, can bring remote operations and communities closer to energy autonomy. They also reduce emissions created by burning diesel/gas fuel. 

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