1. Duke Energy Microgrid Tests Game-Changing Communications System

    Duke Energy Microgrid Tests Game-Changing Communications System

    A Duke Energy microgrid test bed is striving to crack one of the biggest challenges facing utilities today: the need to seamlessly integrate distributed resources and allow for real-time communication between the resources and utilities. In North Carolina’s Gaston County, at the Mount Holly test bed, Duke is experimenting with ‘Open Field Message Bus Technology,’ a standards-based system that could reduce the complexity and costs of integrating distributed resources. This could be a game changer for the industry, allowing for fast and cost-effective integration of distributed resources.

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    1. You can't respond fast enough with traditional architecture to make fast decisions; you'll never catch up.
    2. All the vendors have communications methods, but the way the information gets mapped is different. Company A gives information about voltage from its equipment in a different way than Company B.
    3. We can do some small pilot testing with our operations groups in the next year or two.
    4. The utility industry is a conservative industry. There will be some people who kick and scream. That's the nature of humans.
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