1. ACT Targets 600 Homes in Second Round of Battery Storage Tender

    ACT Targets 600 Homes in Second Round of Battery Storage Tender

    The ACT government continues to lead the field in battery storage incentives in Australia, announcing on Wednesday morning that it will target around 600 Canberra homes and businesses in the second round of its battery storage tender. The new funding round will make $2 million available, which ACT environment and energy minister Simon Corbell says should result in about 2MW of battery storage capacity. It is part of an overall program to fund around 36MW of battery storage, the largest supported program in Australia by quite a distance.

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    1. Following strong community and industry interest in the next generation renewables pilot program currently underway, I am pleased to be able to announce that the government intends to open another competitive funding round in early June worth $2 million, with proposals due in early July.
    2. This highlights the importance of combining renewable energy generation with storage technology.
    3. Battery storage, following low-cost rooftop solar, is the next phase in a distributed energy revolution that will transform the nation's electricity system into a consumer focussed, zero carbon energy grid.
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