1. Enphase Energy launches its Enphase AC Battery in Australia and New Zealand

    Enphase Energy launches its Enphase AC Battery in Australia and New Zealand

    Enphase Energy has announced that its distributors are now taking orders in Australia and New Zealand for its Enphase AC Battery. The two countries are the first places that Enphase is selling the energy storage system, as it tries to cement its place in international energy storage markets. The global energy technology company has a network of over 1,000 solar installers in the region, who can now order the Enphase AC Battery from the company’s officially certified distributors. Enphase made the decision to launch the battery in Australia and New Zealand before anywhere else after receiving positive feedback and interest from within the countries. The first shipment of the ordered batteries should arrive in Australia and New Zealand in August 2016.

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    1. Enphase received strong interest from homeowners in Australia and New Zealand when we announced the Enphase AC Battery in October 2015.
    2. We believe the Enphase Home Energy Solution represents the most compelling and technologically advanced residential energy solution in the world today.
    3. By making a further investment in New Zealand, Enphase is now poised for future growth as we continue to build a world-class engineering team that will work in tandem with the team in California to develop future generations of the Enphase Home Energy Solution.
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