1. EnSync and OATI Announce Strategic Alliance to Offer Distributed Energy Resource Control to Utilities

    EnSync and OATI Announce Strategic Alliance to Offer Distributed Energy Resource Control to Utilities

    MILWAUKEE, WI--(May 9, 2016) - EnSync Energy Systems (NYSE MKT: ESNC) and OATI are pleased to announce a strategic alliance that brings together decades of experience and next generation Modernized Grid solutions to provide utilities with a seamless distributed energy resource and management solution for improved system reliability and economics. Specifically, OATI and EnSync are integrating the EnSync Matrix Energy Management technology with OATI's GridControl and webSmartEnergy DERMS platform. The solution will combine the Matrix's ability to prioritize and optimize electricity from the grid, distributed generation and energy storage with the webSmartEnergy DERMS functionality to provide various grid services such as frequency response, regulation, reserves and shaping services, dispatchable energy and capacity, as well as Volt/VAr control and optimization capabilities to the grid. OATI and EnSync are currently offering the solution to select utilities.

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    1. OATI is eager to showcase our next generation webSmartEnergy solutions with EnSync's Matrix and Agile Storage technology.
    2. EnSync's Matrix technology is enabling the future of distributed generation by easily integrating and prioritizing electricity from the grid, from distributed resources and from energy storage, to always ensure the least expensive and most reliable electricity.
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