1. Marine Corps Teams with Sandia on Microgrids and Renewable Energy Planning

    Marine Corps Teams with Sandia on Microgrids and Renewable Energy Planning

    The U.S. Marine Corps are the first boots on the ground in a crisis. On the front lines, they must be able to power up securely without plugging into utilities. They require nothing less than completely reliable and cost-effective energy independence. Researchers from Sandia National Laboratories are collaborating with the Marine Corps to increase their energy security and reduce fuel dependence through alternative technologies, including renewable energy and microgrids. The Marine Corps recently began a new effort with Sandia to develop analytic software tools that will give military decision-makers the quantitative support needed to achieve their long-term renewable energy goals.

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    1. We are honored to partner with the United States Marine Corps.
    2. This project is an exemplar effort that aligns with the energy collaboration memorandum of understanding signed by the DOE and the DoD in 2010. It emphasizes the need to accelerate joint efforts in clean energy and national energy security technologies from national laboratories to military end users.
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