1. Talking To Statoil: The Engineering Of The 30 MW Hywind Scotland

    Talking To Statoil: The Engineering Of The 30 MW Hywind Scotland

    Statoil’s long-awaited Hywind Scotland, the 30 MW floating wind farm at Buchan Deep, 25 km offshore Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is ready to go. With final consents in hand last year, finance was the last hurdle, along with the addition of a small 1 MWh battery. Now, with the final investment decision (FID) for the project arranged at $235.8 million, construction has begun on the floating Hywind project.

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    1. Back in 2002 when we started developing the Hywind floating foundation design, full scale meant a few megawatts. That was state of the art.
    2. We save a lot on the consistency of fabrication, because it's only one thing; it's a pipe basically with a lid in the bottom.
    3. It's been exposed to waves up to 19 meters, and winds up to 40 meters per second; a strong hurricane for Norway.
    4. We started the same way in the oil and gas business. We started offshore by attaching things to the bottom.
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