1. Two Innovative Residential Solar+Storage Projects in Western Australia

    Two Innovative Residential Solar+Storage Projects in Western Australia

    The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has launched two innovative solar+storage projects, aimed at the residential sector, in Western Australia today. A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Alkimos Beach suburban central battery system, and a truly groundbreaking solar+storage project for an apartment development was launched. While residential solar has bloomed in Australia, with the highest residential solar penetration rates in the world, supplying PV electricity to high-density accommodation residents remains a challenge. ARENA is providing funding to meet this challenge with a new project in southern suburbs of the Western Australian capital city Perth. Over 170,000 rooftop PV systems have been installed in Western Australia to date.

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    1. Combining community-scale battery storage and rooftop solar presents a win-win for energy retailers, developers and consumers and can provide households with the benefits of storage without on-site installation and maintenance.
    2. The strata companies are acting as a utility, buying solar, battery infrastructure on behalf of the owners of the dwellings and then selling them on to tenants and owner occupiers.
    3. I think, we're going to see a new breed of utilities emerging as a result of this innovation.
    4. The Turnbull/Abbott Governments have cut AU$1.3 billion from ARENA and will no longer provide competitive grant funding for solar Research and Development.
    5. This almost guarantees the end of early stage solar research and commercialization in Australia, because funding will no longer be available for it.
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