1. Asian Super Grid Gets Support from China, Russia, S.Korea and Japan

    Asian Super Grid Gets Support from China, Russia, S.Korea and Japan

    State Grid Corporation of China, Korea’s main utility, one of Japan’s biggest renewables developers and Russia’s grid operator have formally indicated their interest in building a massive interconnected grid across Asia. The signing of an MoU (memorandum of understanding) for Asia Super Grid took place on 30 March between State Grid, Korean utility KEPCO, Russia’s PJSC ROSSETI and Softbank, the mobile provider-turned renewable energy developer which from Friday joins Japan’s newly deregulated electricity market. The co-signees are undertaking feasibility studies for a grid in the Northeast Asian region which could allow for electricity, including power sourced from renewables, to be sent across that part of the continent. Japan has had problems over the past couple of years with overproduction of renewable energy, leading to the first curtailments of utility-scale PV under new rules in February. Softbank said in a statement that the four companies will request support from governments and businesses to realise the plan if feasibility can be proven.

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