1. How Utilities can Prepare for the Invasion of the Virtual Power Plants

    How Utilities can Prepare for the Invasion of the Virtual Power Plants

    Several trends are shaping the market for energy storage, but perhaps none is more dramatic than the advent of the virtual power plant. A new report from Navigant Research argues that energy storage enabled virtual power plants will “invade energy markets,” in the coming years. The report’s authors argue that virtual power plants (VPPs) will serve as precursors to a fully functional energy cloud. “We are seeing the beginning of creativity around energy storage and the monetization of the benefits to utilities,” Anissa Dehamna, principal research analyst with Navigant and one of the authors of the report, said.

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    1. Looking to 2016 and beyond, it is expected that the energy storage industry will resolve persistent issues such as standardized contracts and modular system design, embrace new business models such as residential storage and virtual power plants.
    2. Contracts and financing are the glue of capitalism.
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