1. UniEnergy Selects Northern Power Systems' Converters for Energy Storage Project

    UniEnergy Selects Northern Power Systems' Converters for Energy Storage Project

    UniEnergy Technologies (UET) and Avista have selected Northern Power Systems to deliver advanced power conversion for the largest capacity flow battery installed in North America. Situated near Pullman, Washington near Washington State University and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, the battery started operations last April. UniEnergy Technologies manufactured the battery, which is integrated with Northern Power Systems' power converters. The UET system is an advanced vanadium flow battery, which uses Pacific Northwest National Laboratories technology that was developed with funding from the Department of Energy's Office of Electricity. Avista has till now used the system for load shifting, frequency regulation, and voltage regulation on the distribution circuit in Pullman.

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    1. We have been working with UET for some time now as they have selected and integrated the advanced Northern Power FlexPhase technology power converter into their offering for sophisticated grid-forming applications.
    2. We are pleased to be working with Northern Power Systems on this critical project, as their technology allows us to extract the best value for the customer and enable functionalities like black-start, seamless critical load support and microgrid-ready features that most others aren't offering.
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