1. 'World's Biggest' Battery Test Facility in Japan Set to Take Lead in Standardisation

    'World's Biggest' Battery Test Facility in Japan Set to Take Lead in Standardisation

    Japan is set to play host to what is expected to be the world’s biggest energy storage battery and system testing facility to date. The National Institute of Technology and Evaluation’s (Nite) new NLAB facility is located in the city in which the manufacturing bases of lithium-ion battery makers including Panasonic, Hitachi Maxcell and GS Yuasa are also situated. Nite is preparing to begin testing large-scale batteries this summer at the recently completed NLAB facility. Located in the city of Osaka, an hour's flight from Tokyo, traditionally a strong manufacturing region, it is hoped that the centre will become integral to ongoing efforts to develop standards for the international energy storage industry.

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    1. In many ways safety standards – at this point in time – are the most important aspect of developing an energy storage industry as a whole.
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