1. America is Building a Clean-Energy Economy with Unprecedented Momentum

    America is Building a Clean-Energy Economy with Unprecedented Momentum

    Last week, President Obama visited an advanced battery factory in Jacksonville, Florida. As part of the clean-energy revolution that’s creating jobs and making our planet safer and more secure at the same time, this factory makes cutting edge energy-storage technology that will continue to help integrate new power sources into the electric grid. This week, American clean-energy leadership is also on display at the annual summit of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (arpa-e.energy.gov/">ARPA-E). Over the past seven years, ARPA-E has invested in 475 transformative energy technologies that have secured arpa-e.energy.gov/?q=news-item/arpa-e-projects-receive-more-125-billion-private-follow-funding-transformational-energy" target="_blank">over $1.25 billion in cumulative follow-on funding from the private sector.

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