1. Federal Support Promotes Microgrid Technology

    Federal Support Promotes Microgrid Technology

    Microgrid technology is at the forefront of the nation’s evolving electric grid, says a new paper “Distributed Generation: Cleaner, Cheaper, Stronger: Microgrids in the Evolving Power System,” released by the The Pew Charitable Trusts at this week’s Advanced Research Products Agency- Energy (ARPA-E) Summit in Washington, D.C. This excerpt describes federal programs and policies that are advancing microgrids. The U.S. Department of Energy leads federal research to advance development and deployment of microgrids through partnerships with organizations such as the national laboratories, academic institutions, and the private sector. The DOE’s interest lies in using the technology to improve electricity reliability and resiliency, help communities prepare for future grid outages, and encourage growth of clean and efficient energy industries.

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