1. UK Energy Sector Ready to Deliver Clean Energy

    UK Energy Sector Ready to Deliver Clean Energy

    The UK energy sector trade body, Energy UK, has announced that its members are ready to deliver affordable, reliable, and clean energy. A new report published by Energy UK, the country’s trade association for the energy industry, highlighted “how a positive partnership with government will allow the sector to meet the considerable challenges facing the country in balancing costs with affordability while meeting environmental and security goals.”

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    1. The UK's power sector is poised to make a real contribution to the country's ongoing energy challenges.
    2. We are already seeing new reliable and renewable sources of energy coming on stream while working with customers will continue to drive innovation putting power in the hands of users to deliver warmer and more energy efficient homes.
    3. This report paints a picture of a GB power sector by 2030 that is more decentralised, more interconnected with Europe, with much greater energy efficiency and demand side response, This
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