1. Integrating Run-of-the-River Hydropower into a Microgrid for Reliability

    Integrating Run-of-the-River Hydropower into a Microgrid for Reliability

    The Idaho National Laboratory is studying integrating run-of-the-river hydropower into a microgrid to make the city of Idaho Falls’ municipal power distribution more reliable. The $1 million, 2-year collaboration with the city of Idaho Falls was prompted by a December 2013 outage that left the city blacked out for hours in subzero temperatures. The lab’s facility includes a real-time digital simulator that allows researchers to simulate different real-world situations and better understand how microgrids interact with the grid, said Rob Hovsapian, lead engineer for INL’s Energy Systems & Technologies Division.

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    1. The challenge of run-of-the river hydropower is that there's no dam.
    2. We're looking at how the internal grid is structured and where you could put switches to turn it on and off–which line segments will have critical loads and which line segments could do a controlled brownout if you're running in island mode.
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