1. Redflow to Start Selling Home Battery Storage in March

    Redflow to Start Selling Home Battery Storage in March

    ASX-listed battery storage company Redflow says it expects to launch its “plug and play” home battery storage unit as soon as next month, with the first residential installations set to take place in June. Brisbane-based Redflow, whose unique zinc bromine flow battery technology has previously targeted the commercial market, as well as off-grid mining applications, said in an ASX release on Wednesday that it planned to launch its entry into the residential energy storage space at the end of March 2016.

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    1. Product information provided at this launch will include pictures of the new Redflow external battery enclosure and its use in a residential context, performance specifications and system pricing examples.
    2. Based on the expected timetable for resuming battery manufacture with Flex (as noted above), we are expecting the first residential customer system installations featuring …to occur from June 2016.
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