1. Playing Nice: What the Duke Energy Microgrid Test Bed Teaches

    Playing Nice: What the Duke Energy Microgrid Test Bed Teaches

    Integrating – not just adding distributed energy resources – is the key to strengthening the new grid. That realization is what led to the Duke Energy microgrid test bed, created with the help of an intriguingly named ‘Coalition of the Willing.’ The impetus for the project goes back to a few years ago, when the utility saw the explosive growth in distributed energy resources — especially in Hawaii and California.

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    1. We saw there would be issues if we didn't have a plan to interconnect the resources and fully integrate them on the grid.
    2. Instead of having one-off solar installations or battery installations, if we can group these together, we can enhance the overall grid.
    3. Microgrids are technical to put together.
    4. The main thing you need for microgrids is a strong communication backbone.
    5. We may need to finance them for customers as well as install and operate them.
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