1. Flow Battery Builder UET Ends Year With $25M Investment From Japan's Orix

    Flow Battery Builder UET Ends Year With $25M Investment From Japan's Orix

    UniEnergy Technologies, a startup commercializing flow batteries in energy storage applications, just finished off 2015 with $25 million more in its electrolyte tanks. The round B of funding was led by Japan's Orix, a $19 billion financial services firm and renewables developer, along with UET's "current private equity investor." That usually unnamed "current private equity investor" is Bolong Holding, also an investor in Rongke Power, a Chinese firm building vanadium flow batteries using an earlier type of electrolyte.

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    1. I would submit we are the leading flow battery now and are working hard to scale up the channel. We have a pipeline of gigawatt-hours of projects we're working on.
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