1. Storage in 2016: Utility-scale, Long-Duration Markets Take the Lead

    Storage in 2016: Utility-scale, Long-Duration Markets Take the Lead

    2015 was a banner year for energy storage. New entrants to the utility storage market like Tesla attracted national attention to the sector, and companies deployed more batteries and other storage technologies than ever before.  A recent report from GTM Research estimated that storage installations will hit 192 MW this year, triple the amount of storage put in place in 2014.

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    1. The behind-the-meter market will continue to take a back seat until 2020.
    2. The deal demonstrates that energy storage is ready to scale and meet growing industry demands.
    3. There's a lot more that will get built out over the next couple of years than has been built out in basically all of the history of energy storage in the U.S..
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