1. Paris Climate Deal Expands Opportunities for Energy Storage

    Paris Climate Deal Expands Opportunities for Energy Storage

    A significant portion of the cash unlocked over the long term by this month’s climate talks could end up going into storage, say experts. In the wake of the U.N. talks in Paris, trillions of dollars of investment in green energy had been pledged by development banks, pension funds, corporations and other investors. Hugh Sharman, a principal at the Danish consultancy Incoteco, said much of that money might need to be earmarked for storage. “For renewable energy to succeed as a replacement for fossil-based electricity generation, storage needs to be a significant fraction of the world’s 5,600-terawatt power industry,” he said. He did not project exactly how much would be spent, however.

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    1. Essentially, COP21 is providing a helpful push -- albeit a hard-to-quantify one -- to an emerging market for renewable-tied energy storage that should eventually grow to be worth tens of billions of dollars.
    2. But with storage, even for six hours, the solar peak at noon gets pushed to the load peak in the early evening. Everyone loves that.
    3. One of the important areas of global collaborative research should be clean coal and fossil fuel, energy management and storage systems for renewable energy.
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