1. Iowa State, Ames Laboratory Engineer Awarded $3 Million for Battery Study

    Iowa State, Ames Laboratory Engineer Awarded $3 Million for Battery Study

    While lithium-ion batteries have proven their worth in storing energy on a smaller scale, Steve W. Martin says an alternative solution is necessary for storing large amounts of energy, like the gigawatts of wind energy now being harvested from Iowa’s farmland. That’s why Martin, an Anson Marston Distinguished Professor in materials science and engineering and an associate of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory, and his research team at Iowa State University have teamed up with collaborators at the University of Houston, the University of Colorado Boulder, Washington State University and Solid Power Inc., a small battery company, to develop an all-solid-state sodium battery.

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    1. When we look at ways to efficiently store energy from wind and solar sources, lithium-based batteries are expensive and world-wide geological resources of lithium are actually quite limited.
    2. The funding from ARPA-E will help us change the way sodium batteries operate.
    3. It is gratifying to know that the Department of Energy has found our research direction as one of the key new areas it sees as important to developing new technologies for electrical energy storage.
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