1. 3 Big Energy Storage Trends, 3 Important Energy Storage Projects

    3 Big Energy Storage Trends, 3 Important Energy Storage Projects

    The energy storage market is maturing, and there's now less focus on physics and more emphasis on projects, system intelligence and grid integration. It’s when project development and execution become quotidian and efficient that energy markets really take off. Here are three beautiful energy storage projects that drive home larger themes in this booming market.

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    1. These are large projects that are designed to be aggregated for grid support -- we are not selling technology to a single building owner. That scale is a really important part of what's making the technology affordable and competitive with other resources, and it's what makes AMS unique in this space.
    2. If we get this right with the utilities we're working with, it opens up the customer side -- the customer as the prosumer, as the one who is actually generating a grid resource and opening up that value stream for the utility.
    3. If that happens, energy storage will be competitive with gas peaker plants, Post-2020, there may never be another peaker built in the United States -- very likely you'll just be building energy storage instead.
    4. This contract marks the emergence of energy storage as a cost-effective alternative to peaking power plants for local power capacity and reliability.
    5. It's the first time that energy storage has been included in all of the services for local capacity and given a fair playing field. The storage we're delivering can do a lot more than balancing intermittency.
    6. We're starting to make very good progress in our energy storage business.
    7. Battery storage is the holy grail of the renewables business, If we can deliver firm power to renewable customers at a cost-effective rate, you'll see renewables explode even faster than they already are.
    8. This is how the generation mix looks over the course of one day [October 14 of this year].
    9. Already, you can...see the impact that all of this solar and hydro is having on the market. It's pushing down in the middle, and you're slightly under-utilizing the baseload gas already, today.
    10. In reality, had it not been for the possibility of storage, I think you can pretty safely say KIUC wasn't going to contract for any more solar, so we would have hit the penetration limit in KIUC territory, or at least very close to it. Instead, they get the solar-plus-storage project.
    11. KIUC has been investigating energy storage options for more than two years, and price has always been the biggest challenge.
    12. This is a project we're focusing on right now with a signed contract
    13. This installation is a game-changer for Kauai and will set a precedent for utility cooperatives across the U.S..
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