1. LG Chem Follows Up 90MW Grid Project with SolaX Inverter Partnership

    LG Chem Follows Up 90MW Grid Project with SolaX Inverter Partnership

    LG Chem and solar inverter maker SolaX Power have formed a partnership around a new hybrid inverter and energy storage system intended as a complete solution for the residential solar market. The worldwide strategic partnership will focus on SolaX Power’s Hybrid X grid-tied inverter, which offers an all-in-one charger for recharging or discharging and an on board energy management system, as well as fulfilling its role as a DC to AC inverter. The system, which can operate both on and off grid, will now be complemented by the RESU6.4EX energy storage system from LG Chem to offer a new combined solution for systems up to 5KW.

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    1. One of the particular added values for users is the long service life combined with high reliability, which both the energy storage system and the inverter have in common.
    2. The partnership between SolaX Power and LG Chem highlights the significance of topics like renewable energies and their efficient use. We would like to take advantage of the opportunity with LG Chem, to further expand our business relationships with wholesalers and installers, especially within the European and Australian market.
    3. It almost mirrors solar in that the actual battery, cell, module profit – it's extremely hard to make profit there.
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