1. Lower-Cost Wind and Solar Will Drive Energy Storage Technology

    Lower-Cost Wind and Solar Will Drive Energy Storage Technology

    Large wind and solar farms can compete in the power market even with low natural gas prices and will drive the adoption of technology to store renewable energy, according to an analysis by financial advisers Lazard Ltd. The cost to build a utility-scale solar photovoltaic plant has fallen by about 80 percent since 2009 while wind projects have dropped by 60 percent, the financial advisory and asset management company said in a report. Lower costs make large renewable power projects competitive with conventional generators without subsidies.

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    1. Energy costs can be more expensive outside the U.S. and that relative competitiveness can be even stronger in other parts of the world where there are good wind and solar resources.
    2. With an increased demand for storage, we will expect to see declines in cost, which creates a virtuous cycle, which enables us to use more renewables and increase volumes.
    3. For 20 or 30 years people have been asking battery engineers how to make a battery better for cell phones or laptops.
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