1. 90MW of LG Chem's Li-Ion Batteries to be Used for Balancing German Grid

    90MW of LG Chem's Li-Ion Batteries to be Used for Balancing German Grid

    Steag, a major power generator which constructs, plans and operates power plants, is spending US$100 million on acquiring 90MW of large-scale energy storage to help stabilise Germany’s grid. Korean chemicals company LG Chem will supply batteries, while automation company Nidec ASI, formerly known as Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali, will supply and install the complete storage systems, including controls and energy management.

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    1. Storage facilities and the creation of flexibility are essential elements in the implementation of the energy transition in Germany. STEAG has therefore decided to make this investment in large-scale batteries for deployment on the control power market, without making use of grants or subsidies.
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