1. Report: Global Grid Storage Hits 1 GWh Milestone for 2015

    Report: Global Grid Storage Hits 1 GWh Milestone for 2015

    So far this year, the grid storage market has more than doubled from the totals booked in 2014, even though not all of the 1,090 MWh installed in 2015 will be commissioned this year. In terms of technology, much of the recent growth in the storage market has been dominated by the increasing market penetration of Li-ion batteries. Stationary Li-ion applications have grown sharply, but that growth is dwarfed by the growth of Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Plug-in and hybrid vehicles accounted for 2.3 GWh of Li-ion batteries in second-quarter 2015, according to Lux Research’s Automotive Battery Tracker.

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