1. Inside the First Fully Dispatchable Utility Solar-Storage Project in Hawaii

    Inside the First Fully Dispatchable Utility Solar-Storage Project in Hawaii

    It is not so much the concept of bundling or pricing, which always varies by location, that is being tested on Kaua’i. More than that, say storage backers, the significance is held in the way the project was packaged and sold. The Kaua’i project is a “test for this kind of deal structure,” says Matt Roberts, executive director of the Energy Storage Association. The Kaua’i deal has the potential to combine least cost and performance in a PPA, that is something “a lot of utilities want to see,” Roberts said.

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    1. We're really excited about [this project] because it's effectively, as far as we know, the first utility-scale solar-plus-storage project done on a purely commercial basis that is affecting the shift of the vast portion of PV production to the nighttime peak.
    2. Anyone that's been out to Kauai will notice that they have a lot of solar on the island and really don't have any appetite at all for solar at midday.
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