1. Concentrating Solar Power Isn’t Worth Much Without Storage, Say Leading Executives

    Concentrating Solar Power Isn’t Worth Much Without Storage, Say Leading Executives

    At this week’s Solar Power International conference, a group of executives from Abengoa Solar, BrightSource Energy and SolarReserve spoke about where opportunities lie for their businesses. While they still plan eventually to build projects in the U.S., the three companies are turning to countries where they say CSP with storage offers a higher value. “A lot of us are running around internationally,” said Kevin Smith, the CEO of SolarReserve. “These are countries with less-developed grids where the value of storage is better realized.”

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    1. Without storage this technology isn't worth much.
    2. A lot of us are running around internationally.
    3. We're very focused on China right now.
    4. A lot of our facilities are combining PV with solar thermal and storage. [SolarReserve] is pricing in Chile well under 10 cents by providing round-the-clock power.
    5. The storage component is revolutionizing the way we deploy solar power.
    6. You are disadvantaged if you are competing directly against intermittent technologies.
    7. There are some opportunities there. Hybridizing is interesting, and full retrofits are also possible. There's all this infrastructure that's already sitting there.
    8. We think CSP with storage can add value where other technologies can't.
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