1. Stem Launches Real-Time Energy Sales in California ISO Energy Market

    Stem Launches Real-Time Energy Sales in California ISO Energy Market

    Stem, Inc., a leader in intelligent energy storage, today announced it successfully bid into the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) real-time market using aggregated customer storage systems. Stem’s predictive software combined with Olivine’s technology platform can now bid and automatically dispatch stored power into the energy market. This marks the first time that an energy storage provider has participated in real-time energy markets benefitting the electricity grid while earning revenue in California.

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    1. Wholesale electricity market participation is a new and compelling revenue stream that enables businesses to transform energy from a cost center into a profit center.
    2. Stem's successful real-time market award in PG&E's SSP demonstrates the ability for demand side resources to provide services in both day-ahead and real-time markets.
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