1. The Land of Surf, Sun and Startups: 5 Promising Energy Companies Working in Hawaii

    The Land of Surf, Sun and Startups: 5 Promising Energy Companies Working in Hawaii

    High electricity prices have made solar -- and increasingly, battery storage -- very competitive with the grid. That has influenced political change as well. In June, Hawaiian lawmakers sent a strong market signal by setting a target to get 100 percent of the state’s electricity from renewable sources by 2045.

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    1. Hawaii is going through a lot of change right now on the technical side with the state's actual energy infrastructure, on the business side with the NextEra announcement, and in terms of policy infrastructure around the renewable energy goal.
    2. The idea behind Energy Excelerator is to use Hawaii as a test market where companies can demonstrate their technology, test their business model, and come down the cost curve so they can scale elsewhere.
    3. There really hasn't been much innovation in the cooling sector in 160 years. The same compression-based technology that was developed 160 years ago is still being used today.
    4. For us, the biggest benefits of the Energy Excelerator have really been the connections that they've provided for us, because you can't just walk into Hawaii and expect people to answer your questions.
    5. Let's try this without due diligence.
    6. This is part of the new model of utility solar services.
    7. We time the heating of the water to coincide with excess renewable energy on the grid, effectively creating the world's cheapest energy-storage solution.
    8. We're not saying there's no room for batteries on the grid…but the scale of our [global] grid dwarfs the supply of batteries.
    9. We're lucky to be one of the clean energy companies in Hawaii because our utility is so innovative and open to innovation.
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