1. Inside the Nation's First Renewables-Plus-Storage Microgrid

    Inside the Nation's First Renewables-Plus-Storage Microgrid

    The grid was used to avoid some smaller outages, and then earlier this year the California Energy Commission awarded the utility a $5 million grant to expand, allowing it to interconnect with the nearby 26-MW Borrego Springs solar facility. That turned out to be a prescient investment. Borrego Springs' peak load is about 14 MW, and rooftop plus utility-scale solar give the community about 30 MW of generation. The batteries can store about 1.5 MW.

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    1. As a result of the wildfires, we decided we were going to rethink the way we served communities such as Borrego Springs.
    2. We would have had customers out of service for almost an entire day.
    3. Because this portion of our system is out in the desert, the temperatures change drastically through the season – and as a result, the loads change drastically as well.
    4. We want to make some improvements so customers can be switched without any interruption of service, not even for a moment.
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