1. Key to Energy Storage is to Not Scare Away Banks, Jigar Shah Says

    Key to Energy Storage is to Not Scare Away Banks, Jigar Shah Says

    Lessons learned from solar could help develop financing solutions for energy storage that could be “key” to unlocking the potential of the technology, strongly benefiting PV in the process, Jigar Shah has said. The well-known clean energy entrepreneur and co-founder of SunEdison, now leading specialist finance company Generate Capital, will be delivering a presentation this week at the US Energy Storage Association annual conference in Dallas, Texas.

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    1. A lot of what I'm going to talk about essentially is that we think that financing is the key, right? Solar financing is already available, but solar structures scare banks, so my presentation is going to be more about how do you stop yourself from scaring the banks.
    2. There are a lot of people who want to say storage is a category just like solar is a category, but storage is only valuable in that it provides value to its customer, and that comes from different aspects.
    3. At the end of the day, the banks have already set down their rules. They have three rules.
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