1. Compressed Air to Challenge Batteries in Energy Storage Race

    Compressed Air to Challenge Batteries in Energy Storage Race

    A technology used in ancient Greece to power clocks and fire a cannon is undergoing a revival as the world searches for better ways to store energy from wind turbines and solar panels. Compressed air, already used to power carnival rides, jackhammers and medical equipment, joins the crowded field of innovations chasing what may be a $21.5 billion market in 2024. 

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    1. You need bulk storage to support all the renewables and CAES is pretty much the only technology to do that.
    2. When you put in one unit of energy, you want to get one unit out.
    3. Overall it's a market that has a couple of niches.
    4. We're surrounded by some of the best wind in the U.S. and the wind often blows in the off-peak.
    5. Ontario has really built up a lot of renewable energy and is building up a lot more surplus energy.
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