1. Oncor Microgrid Gives a Peek Into the Future of Distributed Energy

    Oncor Microgrid Gives a Peek Into the Future of Distributed Energy

    The 1.25-MW system can run in full island mode, powered by nine sources of energy, or it can tie back into the wider grid. It can operate as a single grid or as four separate microgrids, and it makes economic and reliability decisions autonomously, determining whether to generate power, buy it or store it. While the microgrid at Oncor's services facility solves a specific reliability problem, it is also a demonstration of how the wider grid is changing and what technologies are likely to power it within the next decade. 

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    1. If you just do some simple math and figure out how much it costs to pay $6,000/KWh for a roughly 2-GW-requirement system, it's an unbelievable amount of money you can save by being able to avoid these peak generation costs.
    2. You go and look where the price of power is highest. As the price of this technology comes down, specifically energy storage and solar, then you can do to places with lower cost of power and it still makes sense.
    3. Our industry is changing as well as our customers' needs.
    4. The utility scale projects are getting smaller.
    5. Where are you going to get the 800 acres it requires to make 100 MW of solar all in one area.
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