1. A Historical Tour of the Clean Energy Future

    A Historical Tour of the Clean Energy Future

    ARPA-E started in 2009 with a budget of $400 million, about one third of what its intellectual predecessor, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) got for its start in 1962. With ambitions to instigate a second industrial revolution, the agency received proposals for some 3,700 would-be world-changing energy technologies and handed out $151 million to 37 of them, ranging from turning water and CO2 into fuel with nothing but sunlight to better batteries. The largest single award, for $9.1 million, went to Foro Energy to help develop laser drilling that could make it cheaper to tap Earth's heat to generate electricity.

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    1. In past recessions, we had great projects come out.
    2. We wanted to be measured in our craziness.
    3. Business as usual and the pace of innovation is just not fast enough.
    4. We need to develop technologies to do fossil fuels cleanly.
    5. Just like Intel inside your laptops, I hope you have BEEST inside your electric cars in the future.
    6. Changing the way we produce and use energy is fundamentally about improving the national security of this country.
    7. I don't call them failures, I call them opportunities to learn.
    8. The DoE loan to Tesla should be viewed as a pretty significant success.
    9. Every time the price of oil goes up we panic, and when it goes down we hit the snooze button.
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