1. SolarCity Launches Community Microgrids with Tesla Batteries

    SolarCity Launches Community Microgrids with Tesla Batteries

    SolarCity, well-known for rooftop solar systems, is expanding to so-called microgrids, larger power systems that can be tapped by communities when the power grid goes down. The systems, which add generators and software to manage the power to standard solar panels, will include Tesla Motors batteries to store the energy generated.

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    1. Any municipality in a region that is prone to some kind of natural disaster ... they have a few key locations that they need to keep running in the event of an outage or a natural disaster - a community center where they're going to house people or police stations.
    2. Ultimately, it seems like this solution could be used to electrify rural areas in the developing world or to provide better reliability in places where the grid goes down a lot.
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