1. UW And M-WERC Expand Wisconsin's Energy Industry

    UW And M-WERC Expand Wisconsin's Energy Industry

    Researchers at the Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are developing an industry partnership that promises to create jobs here in Wisconsin. WEI is working with M-WERC (Mid-West Energy Research Consortium), a Milwaukee-based consortium of researchers and industry representatives focused on the Midwest's energy, power and control industry (EPC), to move its clean energy technologies and innovations out of the lab and into the marketplace more efficiently and with greater impact on local economies.

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    1. With M-WERC, we build the bridge between researchers and private industry.
    2. Mike and Bruce are tremendous assets to M-WERC and its members.
    3. Our technical outreach touches companies that do billions of dollars of business in the world, millions of dollars of which impact the state of Wisconsin.
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