1. Bill Would Boost Green Power By Expanding Access To Utility Competitors

    Bill Would Boost Green Power By Expanding Access To Utility Competitors

    The biggest electricity users in California could buy power from a seller other than one of the three big utilities under legislation offered yesterday that was framed as a way to expand renewable energy. S.B. 286 from Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D) would lift a limit on the share of the Golden State's electricity market that can participate in a program called "direct access," where electricity customers contract with an energy service provider.

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    1. The concept is simple and proven: Give energy users more choices and they'll have greater control over costs.
    2. This has been a source of contention.
    3. There's a variety of entities asking for the bill.
    4. Why do you want to allow this if the customers aren't going to do any more to clean up the grid, meet climate goals?
    5. If it were framed that way, there might be more appetite for it.
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