1. Imergy Power Systems & Geli Awarded College Microgrid Project

    Imergy Power Systems & Geli Awarded College Microgrid Project

    Advanced energy storage systems leader Imergy Power Systems and Growing Energy Labs Inc. (Geli) are collaborating on a microgrid project for Chabot-Las Positas Community College District in Livermore, California. Geli is a designer of energy storage and microgrid solutions. The joint project at Las Positas College will add renewable energy sources, reduce peak power, and allow the district to be more energy independent. Imergy Power Systems’ EPS30 series institutional scale vanadium redox flow batteries will be installed as part of the microgrid. The total power and energy capacity of these batteries is 250 kilowatts/1 megawatt-hour. Geli’s Energy Operating System and Energy Management applications will be used to manage the microgrid.

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