1. UAF, Industry Partner to Test Battery Technology for Rural Power

    UAF, Industry Partner to Test Battery Technology for Rural Power

    The UAF and industry partner Ambri will collaborate on a project to demonstrate a new battery technology that could lower consumer electric prices in rural Alaska. The $1.5 million project, funded by a $749,000 grant from the Alaska Energy Authority and a match by Ambri and the UAF Alaska Center for Energy and Power, will use a liquid metal battery developed by Ambri. The battery could ultimately provide needed energy storage and increased system reliability, enabling communities to shift away from diesel fuel and toward renewable resources such as wind and solar for power generation.

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    1. Ambri's LMB technology has the potential to be a game changer for Alaska, providing reliable and economic solutions for Alaska's renewable energy systems.
    2. Ambri is excited to bring its energy storage technology to serve Alaska's power system needs.
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